About Us

XDream amusement is a Virtual Reality Arcade. We offer a number of different and exciting Virtual Reality experiences that will take you on a journey out of this world. Our Arcade is a space where people and children can experience the magic of Virtual Reality. You can have the chance to fly, become an action hero, ride incredibly fast and exciting roller coasters, shoot downand fight massive robots and hordes of bad guys! The possibilities are endless when you are in a virtual world.

Our VR Simulators

5D & 7D Cinema

Experience exciting, story-driven, adventures and roller coasters within our 5D cinema. We offer a collection of exciting adventures that you go on with your friends and family.

Gatling Shooting Gun

Gatling Shooting Gun will allow you to interact and play through your VR experience. A number of different VR games support a shooting mechanic, which will make you the hero of the action.

F1 Racing Car Simulator

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind a steering wheel of a racing car and have an actual racing experience, you can do it now with no danger and bad consequences whatsoever.

Eagle Flight VR

Eagle Flight VR allows its users to experience 0 gravity while they are having their virtual reality experiences. Eagle Flight has controller support and an active feedback system which will allow you to control your movements in the VR space and experience them as you are having your adventures.

720 Rotation Flight Simulator

With our 720-rotation flight simulator, you can become an ace pilot and experience the thrill of flying a real plane or a jet!

VR Racing Car

The VR Racing Car machine simulates in-game action that allows the players to get fully immersed in the VR world. This machine provides haptic feedback and makes the adventures you take upon even more so real.

5D & 7D Cinema

Our 5D & 7D cinema will help you experience these adventures like never before, your seats will rumble shake and move to provide you feedback according to the action on screen.

720 Rotation Flight Simulator

With 720 degrees of rotation, it means that you’ll be flipping, turning and rotating all over the place while experiencing the thrill of your virtual world.

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